Size Matters: A Clinical Experience

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Rory dreaded going to clinics, especially the sketchy ones his wife found on the internet. She insisted this particular clinic could help him with his “size problem.”

In a society where it was becoming increasingly common for women to have larger genitalia than men, Rory felt pressure to keep up with them.

Sitting next to his wife in the waiting room, Rory couldn’t help but compare her smaller breasts to those of the other women around them. It seemed fitting, given his own insecurities about his size below the belt. His wife had never complained about it before they got married a few months ago, but now she wanted something more.

“Rory?” A nurse called out, breaking him from his thoughts.

“That’s us.” Rory waved and stood up, his wife following closely behind.

The nurse led them through a maze of doors and hallways until they reached an examination room. Inside sat a red-haired woman with glasses, almost as tall as Rory with noticeable cleavage peeking out from her partially unbuttoned lab coat. Normally he wouldn’t have paid much attention, but her appearance caught his eye.

As they entered, the woman – Dr. Linn – removed her glasses and greeted them with a warm smile. “Hello, I’m Dr. Linn, but you can call me Anna. Are you Rory?”

“Yes, and this is my wife, Maia,” Rory introduced with a smile.

“Oh, good.” The doctor replied with a friendly expression. “It’s always important to have your partner’s support when making such a big change to your sex life.”

“It was mostly her idea,” Rory laughed nervously, “although I must admit, part of me was interested in trying it out.”
Anna looked at them with a hint of concern. “I just want to make sure you understand. This isn’t something to take lightly. Once the procedure is complete, it’s not easily reversible.”

“I see,” Rory said thoughtfully, “but we both put a lot of thought into it and believe it’s the right decision.”
“Just wanted to confirm. Now, shall we begin with the examination?” Anna asked, to which Rory and Maia nodded in agreement. “All right then, I’ll need you to undress and sit on the bed.”

Rory complied, removing his pants and shirt. However, he hesitated when it came to his underwear.
“Don’t worry, I’ve seen plenty of penises in this line of work.” Anna reassured him as she pulled off his underwear. “Now, sit down and relax for me.”

Next came the most awkward part for Rory. He had been examined by doctors before but never in this way. Anna took hold of his penis with warm fingers and started stroking it.

“Seems like someone is a bit bashful, but I need you to be fully aroused for the exam.” Anna chuckled. Then she leaned over slightly, giving him an enticing view down her shirt. “That’s it, well done.”

Rory’s penis twitched at her words. He was now fully erect, but Anna continued to stroke it a few more times for good measure.
“Wow, you actually have a decent-sized penis for a man.”

“He does?” Maria asked, surprised.

Anna nodded and held up a ruler. “About six inches. A few years ago, this would have been considered average. But with the government’s regulations for men, the average size is closer to five inches.”
“So he’s above average,” Maia said in disbelief.

“Oh, yes.” Anna confirmed. “Most men nowadays would be happy to have a penis of this size. I’m actually surprised you both want to change it.”

Maia shrugged. “I’ve been satisfied with it, but I’m open to trying new things.”

“I know the feeling,” Anna chuckled, “my wife went through a similar procedure and we couldn’t be happier.”


Anna released Rory’s penis and reached for her phone. She swiped through several photos before showing them to the couple. The picture was taken from above, showcasing Anna completely naked with semen covering her face and breasts. On top of that, a massive cock was resting on her features.

“Wow,” Maia gasped, “how big is it?”

Anna grabbed Rory’s penis and gave it a few strokes before running her hand over the air as if there was an invisible shaft. “Probably… twice as large as Rory’s? Maybe even a couple inches more. But it’s also much thicker.”

Rory glanced between the two women, their faces flushed as Anna flipped through different angles of her wife’s impressive member. He cleared his throat.

“Oh right, my little guy.” Anna gestured to Rory’s manhood. “At this size, you’ll need to take a pill for six to eight weeks. After the sixth week, I’ll need you to come back so I can make sure the pill has fully taken effect. Any other questions?”
Rory and Maia exchanged glances. “No, we’re good.”

“Okay then, I’ll just… Oh wait, one more thing.” Anna stood up and retrieved something from a nearby cabinet. She held up a small pink cage shaped like a penis. “You’ll need to wear this until your next appointment.”

Her arm wrapped around his waist and pulled him close. Rory could feel his arm nestled between her breasts, enjoying their soft warmth against him. Then she set the cage aside and grabbed his penis, stroking it rapidly until he ejaculated a thick stream of semen that landed on the floor in front of him, followed by another.

“There we go, good boy.” The doctor cooed and wiped his penis clean. After he climaxed, Rory’s penis had shrunk enough for Anna to fit the cage around it. “One big orgasm before I lock it up.”

Maia’s cheeks were flushed, but she didn’t seem angry. In fact, she appeared to be turned on.

“For this procedure, he is only permitted to ejaculate once per day,” Anna explained as she handed the key to Maia. “Once he’s finished, make sure to lock him back up. The pill can make him incredibly aroused, so you don’t want to give him any opportunities to have an extra release.”

“Got it.” Maia nodded, still a little flustered.

“Good.” Anna stood up to leave.

“Now get dressed and a nurse will escort you out shortly.”

After three weeks of taking the pill, things were not going as planned. Maia would give him a quick handjob every night, but she was careful not to overstimulate him. However, she couldn’t avoid noticing that his penis was shrinking in size. When he first started taking the pill, it took both of her hands to fully grip his member, but now one hand could easily do the job. Along with this change, Rory’s orgasms were occurring more quickly and with less volume.

As Maia spoke with the doctor about these developments, Rory was sorting their laundry at home. He had taken on the role of stay-at-home husband while Maia worked and made enough money to support them both. However, since starting the treatment, he had been struggling with even simple tasks such as reaching high shelves.

On the phone, the doctor assured Maia that these changes were expected and that Rory was responding well to the treatment. She even suggested coming in for another appointment sooner than originally planned due to his progress. Maia breathed a sigh of relief and hung up the phone before collapsing on the bed next to Rory.

Her hand wandered down to her panties and began rubbing between her legs as she fantasized about Anna’s well-endowed wife. She eagerly looked forward to Rory having a larger penis like that one day. Rory noticed her arousal and felt a twinge of pain from his own locked-up member. He wanted nothing more than to be able to satisfy his wife.

She glanced at him with desire in her eyes and toyed with the key around her neck, considering freeing him from his cage. But ultimately, she turned away and focused on pleasuring herself instead.

“I’m sorry,” she moaned as she continued masturbating, “I already let you cum today.”

This was true; his cage had been removed for just two minutes earlier in the day before he ejaculated. Then, Maia promptly put it back on, and now Rory was experiencing heightened arousal. It was becoming increasingly difficult for him to sleep through the night without needing release.

“But you also came earlier when you got me off.”

“I know,” Maia replied, her fingers moving faster, “But now I’m thinking about that cock. And the doctor said I should stay sexually active.”

“She did?”

Maia’s voice trembled as she spoke, “Um, yeah. She called shortly after your treatment began… And…” Her hips lifted off the bed and she moaned as she reached orgasm in her underwear. Red-faced and breathless, she turned to face him with a tired smile on her lips. “She mentioned the clinic offers help for spouses dealing with this procedure.”

“Did she say what kind of help?”

Maia shook her head, still coming down from the intense pleasure. “Anna just said to call if I get too sexually frustrated while you’re locked up.”

“And are you?” Rory asked carefully.

His wife took longer than he was comfortable with to answer. “To be honest, it’s been frustrating at times. But only two more weeks until I can feel your new big cock inside me. I can wait a little longer for that.”

Maia got out of bed and changed into a fresh pair of panties, knowing she had just ruined the last pair. As Rory stood up next to her, he realized she was almost his height now. He could have sworn he used to be a whole head taller, but he must have remembered wrong. Shaking his head, he watched Maia walk away, struggling to clear his thoughts in the midst of his arousal. If only he could masturbate a few times to ease his mind.

The following two weeks passed by in a blur for Rory. He struggled to reach anything above his head and eventually had to rely on Maia to help him out.

However, she was rarely home due to the demanding overtime work at their office during this time of year. So when she did come home, she was so exhausted that she would just eat, masturbate a few times, and then pass out before having to repeat the routine the next day. There were even a couple instances where she was too tired to unlock Rory from his chastity device, leaving him desperate for release throughout the night. But today was different. Maia had managed to get a day off from work and they were finally going to get answers about their situation.

They were called back by a nurse and led to the same examination room as before. Dr. Linn greeted Rory with a smile, towering over him by almost a foot now. He realized he wasn’t imagining things – when they first met, they were similar in height but now her large breasts hung right in front of his face.

“Welcome back, Rory,” Anna said casually. “And you too, Maia.”

Rory struggled to hop onto the examination table while Maia sat in the chair beside it. At Anna’s command, Rory stripped completely for his examination. Both of them waited quietly as Anna looked over her paperwork.

“Hmm, it says here that you’re not satisfied with the treatment,” she said, looking up at Maia. “Did something go wrong or was the size not to your liking?”

“The size,” Maia replied. “I mean, just look at it.”

Anna got down on her knees and pinched Rory’s penis between her fingers. From his position, he could see down her uniform and catch a glimpse of her perfect breasts – almost as big as his head – held snugly against her body without any sign of a bra underneath.

Just the sight of her was enough to make Rory lose control. With a few slow strokes, he couldn’t hold back any longer and ejaculated what felt like the biggest load of his life all over Anna’s face.

When he opened his eyes, he saw that Anna had managed to catch a couple drops on a tissue. His orgasm wasn’t strong enough to reach her despite how close she was. She simply wadded up the tissue and threw it in the trashcan.

“Well,” Anna said as she stood up and sat at her desk, “the treatment seems to have worked perfectly. Not only did it cause an increase in height, but his penis has also shrunk significantly – there’s no way he could impregnate anyone with such a small amount of semen.”

“But… I thought I was supposed to be bigger?” Rory was surprised.

“Like your wife?” Maia chimed in with a blush.

Anna looked confused as she glanced between them. “I believe there may have been some miscommunication here. This procedure was meant to decrease your size, not increase it.”

“Why would I want that?” Rory asked, taken aback. “You said it made your wife’s penis huge.”

“No, I mentioned that she had a similar procedure done. You both opted for a size reduction plan.” Anna sighed. “We are not authorized to make men larger, only women. It’s part of the regulations I mentioned earlier.”

Maia let out a frustrated sigh. “Is there anything that can be done about this?”

After considering for a moment, Anna replied, “There is one potential solution that may help reverse some of the changes, although it’s not guaranteed-”

“We’ll do it,” Maia interrupted immediately, clearly set on having Rory’s new size stay intact.

At least his previous size was still capable enough to get the job done.

“Okay, then,” Anna said with relief. “This treatment will take approximately nine to twelve weeks, and Rory must remain in his cage until it is complete.”

She clicked on something on her computer, and the nurse from earlier entered the room.

“I also suggest that Maia sets up a support plan,” Anna continued. “This nurse will guide you there and answer any questions on the way. Typically, it’s only for spouses, but since this treatment may put strain on your marriage, we recommend that both of you participate. Studies have shown that completing activities together can strengthen relationships.”

Rory nodded, and the nurse led Maia away. Anna needed him to fill out some paperwork before they could join her. It was difficult to focus while still under the effects of the pill, which heightened his arousal. He decided to sign without reading it.

“You have a lovely wife,” Anna said. “I just hope Valerie is able to help her out until we can get you back to normal.”


“Yes, she’s my wife,” Anna said happily. “She works here as well.”

Rory felt himself blush. “She does?”

“She’s a nurse in a different department, but yes,” Anna smirked. “We’ll actually be meeting her shortly. She’ll be assisting your wife while I administer your new treatment… Oh, I see you’ve chosen the fun method.”

“The fun method?”

“That’s just a nickname some of us use because it’s more enjoyable than the traditional method.”

Rory nodded as if he understood and let Anna lead him down the hall. As they approached the room where Maia was taken, he heard an unusual noise coming from inside – almost like someone gagging.

“Not again…” Anna shook her head and opened the door.

Inside stood an incredibly tall woman in a nurse’s uniform, with her pants undone to reveal a massive cock hanging out. Rory may have recognized her, but his attention was immediately drawn to the person on their knees in front of her, sucking on the cock. The woman stood there with hands on hips while a naked Maia gagged herself on the cock.

“Valerie…” Anna sighed. “What did I say about gagging the patients?”

“This time it wasn’t my fault,” Valerie defended herself. “I was just following protocol, but this cutie couldn’t resist. She started gagging as soon as her lips touched me.”

“And what about using a condom?”

Valerie looked away. In that moment, the only sound in the room was Maia’s gagging. “I… couldn’t find one in my size, but she said she didn’t mind.”

While Anna searched through cabinets for supplies for Rory’s treatment, he watched his wife. With one hand gripping the base of the cock and her head bobbing up and down its length, she struggled to take more than half of it. A mix of shock and betrayal settled in the pit of his stomach. Yet, despite these conflicting emotions, Rory could feel his own cock throbbing inside its cage.

“I know you love sucking my cock,” Valerie placed a hand on Maia’s cheek and stroked it gently, “but I need you on the bed for the next step.”

Maia slowly bobbed her head a few more times before understanding what Valerie meant. Rory continued to watch as his wife eagerly climbed onto the bed, planting her face against the mattress and thrusting her ass in the air. Her hips swayed from side to side as fluids ran down her thighs.

“Looks like someone is excited,” Valerie laughed.

Maia let out a groan. “It’s been over a month since I’ve had sex.”

“Oh, you poor thing,” Valerie sympathized, kissing her on the butt before joining her on the bed. She gently rubbed her cock between Maia’s thighs, using her fluids as lubrication. “I’ll do my best to make up for lost time. We just have to wait until your husband is ready.”

“Wait for me?” Rory questioned, unsure of how to feel about the situation.

“To join us on the bed,” Anna clarified from behind them. “As a way for all three of us to bond.”

Rory finally turned his gaze away from his wife and saw Anna grinning down at him. Strapped between her legs was a large dildo. She effortlessly lifted him up and threw him onto the bed next to Maia.

“I tried to find one that matched your size, but they’re all modeled after women so eight inches was the smallest I could find.”

Rory attempted to get up but Anna pushed his face back down next to Maia’s.

“Don’t fight it,” Anna said as she put on a glove. “Otherwise, I’ll have to restrain you.”

She hummed happily while pumping thick fluid onto her palm and covering her strap-on with it. Then she pumped more onto two fingers which she used to penetrate his virgin anus. He whimpered as one finger slid inside and then moaned in surprise.

“It seems like he likes it,” Valerie laughed.

Anna continued humming as she slid her finger in and out, creating sensations he had never felt before. And just when he thought it couldn’t get any better, Anna casually inserted a second finger. Rory’s body tensed around them, but that only encouraged her to spread them wider inside him.

“Let me tell you a secret.” Anna leaned over him and whispered in his ear while practically straddling him. “Men have a g-spot too, and if you press right here it’ll drive them crazy.”

Rory’s legs shook with desire as he let out a deep moan. Anna expertly stimulated his prostate, causing a clear fluid to drip onto the sheets. Maia watched in astonishment as she saw Rory’s reaction.

“Good job,” Anna praised and withdrew her fingers. “He’s ready for his treatment now.”

Rory felt something large and moist press against his back entrance. The pressure built as it tried to enter him, making his ass quiver with anticipation. But before it could go any further, Valerie rubbed her tip against Maia’s opening and slipped inside. Maia clawed at the sheets and arched her back in pleasure, her eyes rolling back in ecstasy. Then, Anna took charge of Rory.
“Wow, Anna.” Valerie gasped as she went deeper. “This one is tight. Are you sure they’ve never had sex?”

“What do you expect?” Anna chuckled as she pushed her silicone tool past Rory’s prostate. “He was big for a guy, but still smaller than most women. Especially you.”

Anna straddled Rory and intertwined their fingers as she slid the entire length inside, their hips locked together. Her full breasts pressed against the back of his head through her tight outfit. From his perspective, all Rory could see was Maia’s blissful face bouncing against the sheets as Valerie thrust into her from behind.


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