A Visit To The GYN

This is a story that will keep you mind in suspense as you read. NOTE: This story was not originally written by me. I only compiled. edited, and modified some of the statements to suite the reading pleasure of readers like you. You will definitely enjoy reading this story at the end of your read!


Alisha Taylor walked up to the reception desk at the small clinic in her area. She had decided that it was time to start looking for a sexual relationship in her life and if she was going to do that, she wanted to be on some kind of birth control.

“Excuse me.” She said to the older gentleman behind the desk. “I have an appointment with Dr. Morgan.”

The gentleman let his eyes drift over her halter top and mini skirt. Alisha had always been proud of her body. At 5’5″ and about 125lbs, with medium sized tits. She thought her hair and eyes were her best features though. She had long dirty blonde hair that hung down her back to her waist and sea green eyes. All through high school, she had been complimented on the way her eyes changed color with her mood.

“Yes ma’am.” The man said in a bored voice. “If you will just have a seat, he will be with you in a moment.”

She watched him pull her chart from the shelf, and then sat down to wait to be called.

She had been waiting about 10 minutes when her name was called. She followed a nurse to one of the exam rooms, went through the weight and blood pressure exam then she was left alone to change into one of the hospital gowns. She had always hated these things. They made her feel exposed. She stripped out of her clothes then cringed as she wrapped the paper gown around her body. She thought about tying it then decided not to since the doctor would more n likely want to do a breast exam. She looked around the room then sat down on the bed to wait.

She didn’t have to wait long. She had been sitting there about 5 minutes when Dr. Jeffrey Morgan knocked on the door then opening it, walked into the room looking at her chart. When he looked at her, he smiled. “Hello, Alisha. My name is Dr. Morgan and I understand you want to be placed on birth control.”

Alisha’s eyes moved over his body, and she had a hard time hiding her interest. As her breasts tightened against her chest while her pussy began leaking like a faucet.

Jeffrey was 6’2″, about 190lbs with chestnut brown hair and green eyes. She shook his hand while she smiled at him, watching him moving over to a stool.

“Yes. I am thinking about looking for a sexual relationship and want to be prepared.”

He lowered his eyes like he was looking at her chart, while in fact he was checking out her body enclosed in the gown. Jeffrey liked being an OBGYN, because he had loads of fun fucking his patients. He licked his lips as he thought about burying his hard cock into this little morsel.

After he had his fill, he did look at her chart. “I see you are 22, have you ever had sexual intercourse Alisha?” He asked putting her chart on the counter beside him while he lifted his eyes to hers.

She shook her head. “No…I haven’t found anyone I wanted to give my virginity to.”

He smiled. “You just have sweetheart.” He thought to himself as he stood up. He quickly washed his hands then moved towards the bed she was sitting on. He never let a virgin leave his office untouched if he could help it. “Why don’t you lie down and we will do the exam.”

She smiled at him, and then lay down on her back on the bed. He pulled her up a bit so he could slip the gown out from behind her then pushed her down onto her back on the bed.. He lowered the front of her gown until her breasts were open to his gaze. Jeffrey knew that most doctors would put his/her hands under the gown to give a modicum of privacy. Jeffrey liked to look at his patients though.

Alisha didn’t think anything of it; she had had breast exams where some doctors exposed her breasts while others didn’t. She did close her eyes as his hands moved over her flesh almost in a caress. “Hm…Nice,” He said under his breath as he moved his hands over her supposedly looking for lumps. When he pinched a nipple, Alisha opened her eyes looking at him but he just smiled, and then continued the exam. “When was your last period Alisha?” He asked moving over to pick up her chart.

She lifted the gown back up over her. “About 2 weeks ago.” She replied watching the way his butt moved, tightly encased in his scrubs.

Jeffrey made a notation in her chart, and then turned back towards her. “Well I didn’t feel any lumps or anything. I think we can move on to the vaginal exam.”

Alisha groaned and cringed as she moved down on the bed, placing her feet in the stirrups while her ass sat on the small table coming out from the end. She had always hated these things. Feeling the metal shoved up her pussy was always uncomfortable. Plus the latex gloves the doctors always wore usually chafed her delicate skin.

She closed her eyes again as she waited for the torture to begin. Her eyes flew open suddenly when she felt not the metal object slide up inside her but his fingers instead; his bare fingers. “Dr. Morgan.” She gasped in surprise.

Jeffrey stared at the bare pussy in front of his face and his mouth watered. He saw a bit of her juices clinging to her lips covering her slit and had to force himself not to lick it up. He lifted his eyes to hers as he slowly spread her pussy open with his fingers then slid 2 fingers inside her well. When she gasped he didn’t respond; just pushed his fingers further into her while slowly stretching her out.

Alisha couldn’t hold back the moan that left her lips. Jeffrey smiled as he moved his face close to her pussy. He made it seem like he was looking for any abnormalities while in actuality he inhaled her female scent. He pressed his nose against her clit as if to see closer while he rubbed it back and forth gently. “Ohhh,” Alisha moaned.

Jeffrey smiled again. He moved his fingers in and out of her slowly as if trying to stretch her out more. What he did next though, Alisha knew was not part of any exam.

“Well, looks good down here to.” He said against her pussy. He pulled his fingers back feeling her pussy tighten around them. Then he darted out his tongue and ran it lightly over her clit.

“Dr. Morgan.” Alisha cried half sitting up.

“Shhhh, I won’t hurt you.” He said against her pussy. He lifted his free hand and gently pushed her back down as he licked her clit again.

“I don’t…Ooooh.” Jeffrey licked her clit faster. “Think you should…Oh my.” She cried as he pushed his fingers slowly in and out of her. “Should be doing…oh god….” He flicked his tongue even faster over her clit then bit down lightly on it. “That.” She finally got out as she pushed her pussy closer to his face.

Jeffrey just chuckled against her and started suckling her ferociously as he went to town on her snatch. “Oh Oh, Dr. Morgan, I don’t think we should be doing this.” She protested even as her hips moved and she felt his hand move up under her gown until he cupped her bare breast. He moved his hand over her breast while he continued to devour her pussy with his mouth.

“MMMM,” was all the answer she got. He went more forcefully at her pussy. He sucked hard on her clit, biting it occasionally while he slammed three fingers in and out of her. He started to maul her breast, squeezing the nipple painfully.

“AGH!” Alisha cried out at the pain just as she started cumming. “I’m cumming. Dr. Morgan.” She cried as she sprayed her pussy juices all over his thrusting fingers. Jeffrey pulled his fingers out of her pussy replacing it with his mouth, slurping up all her juices, while he dug his tongue deep inside her.

Jeffrey kept his mouth locked on her pussy until he made sure he had gotten every last drop then he finally pulled away. Alisha lay back on the bed panting and trying to catch her breath with her eyes closed.

Jeffrey watched her for a minute, then standing up; he pulled his pants down around his hips so his 6-inch cock was standing out in front of him. He moved up by her head and pressed it gently against her cheek. She opened her eyes while she turned her head. “I don’t think…” She started to say, but was cut off when he pushed his hard cock into her mouth.

“MMM…Suck it baby. No one will know.” He purred as he stroked her hair and slowly fucked her face.

She looked up at him, not moving, just letting him slowly fuck her face. She knew this was wrong but at the same time, she was excited. She had been looking for a sexual relationship and here was one for the taking… Plus she did like the feel of his cock in her mouth.

Jeffrey continued slowly fucking her mouth, whimpering slightly every time his cock brushed over her tongue. Finally he realized that she wasn’t sucking on him and looked down at her. He saw her wide eyes and smiled. Some of his other patients were like this in the beginning. Not sure how to react. Now all of them willingly opened their legs for him. He continued smiling as he reached between her spread legs, gently brushing his finger over her clit.

Alisha groaned around his cock as pleasure coursed through her. Looking up at Jeffrey again, she lowered her eyes and started softly sucking on him.

“Yes baby, that’s it. Suck on my cock and then I’ll give you a special gift.” He sighed as he continued stroking her clit and slowly feeding her his length.

“Mmmmm,” Alisha moaned pressing her pussy up against his hand as she sucked harder on his cock. When he pushed it down towards her throat, she held him in her mouth while she looked up into his eyes. She had never had a cock in her mouth before and didn’t know anything about deep throating.

Jeffrey looked down at her. “Just swallow baby, let me slide down into your beautiful throat.” He ran his hand slightly over her neck.

Alisha kept her eyes on him, as she did as he suggested. She was startled when she felt his cock slide into her throat. She breathed hard through her nose as she let her muscles caress him.

“OOOOHHH!” Jeffrey cried as he felt her throat muscles massage him. He flicked her clit harder and started ramming his cock in and out of her mouth as he tangled his hand in her hair.

Unsure what to do about this, Alisha just lay still letting him fuck her face. “OH GOD! I’ve gotta stop.” He groaned slowing down his strokes until he was finally pulling his cock from her mouth. “Don’t wanna cum yet.” He said smiling down at the look of confusion on her face.

He patted her face lightly, and then pulled a condom out of his coat pocket, ripping open the package; he slipped it down over his hard cock.

Alisha smiled as she watched him put on the condom. “Are you gonna fuck me now Dr. Morgan?” She asked as he moved down between her legs.

Jeffrey’s smile grew. “Yes I am sweetheart.” He positioned the tip of his cock against her pussy lips then slowly pushed it inside. “I’m gonna fuck you so good.” He pushed a bit more inside her.

“UGH.” She groaned as she felt him slowly fill her. When she felt him hit the proof of her virginity, she whimpered in pain. Jeffrey just pulled back out a bit, then pressed back in as he moved his hand roughly over her clit.

“Oh…Agh…Yes…” Alisha cried softly as she lifted her hips feeling her orgasm rising around her. “Oh god, don’t stop, I’m gonna cum.”

When Jeffrey felt her convulse around him, he slammed forward with his hips, burying himself completely inside her.

“OH!” She moaned as she looked at him wide eyed. The pain hadn’t been bad, it was more surprise then anything.

“Its okay baby, it won’t hurt anymore.” He murmured as he took her legs off the stirrups wrapping them around his waist, then leaned down over her, bracing his arms on either side of her as he started fucking her slowly.

“Your pussy is so tight.” He murmured pressing his face against her breast, then taking a nipple into his mouth.

Alisha wrapped her arms around his neck, the pain was gone and his cock was sending shivers through her body as he slowly pushed in and out of her. “Oh Dr. Morgan, your cock feels so good.” She moaned against his hair.

“I love your pussy sweetheart.” He said moving his mouth off her nipple. Lifting his head, he took her mouth with his as he started fucking her faster. He pushed his tongue into her mouth and moaned as her tongue ran over his. He moved faster and harder inside her. They were moving so quickly that the bed was shaking but neither one of them noticed. They were so lost in each other.

“Oh fuck meeee…Dr. Morgan.” Alisha cried running her nails down his back as she pushed up with her hips.

“Oh god, Alisha, I’m gonna cum.” Jeffrey cried fucking her even faster as he mauled her breasts with his hands.

“Oh don’t cum yet. I’m so close.” Alisha cried. She could feel her orgasm building. Unfortunately, her pussy was so tight that Jeffrey couldn’t hold back anymore. He started shooting hard inside the condom.

“No…Don’t stop now.” Alisha cried trying to keep his softening cock from leaving her body.

“I’m sorry. Baby, your pussy is so hot, I couldn’t help myself.” He panted kissing her gently then sliding off the bed.

“But I’m still horny.” Alisha cried pulling at her pussy.

Jeffrey smiled down at her, then moving her fingers out of the way; he slipped three fingers inside her, finger fucking her furiously as he sat down and sucked on her clit. “Oh…I’m gonna cum.” Alisha cried humping hard against Jeffrey’s face.

Jeffrey kept sucking and fingering her through her orgasm and into another one. By this time, he was hard again. He put on another condom, and then pulled her down so she was leaning against the table, her ass pressed out towards him.

He ripped the paper gown from her body as he slipped into her from behind and started fucking her slowly as he reached around and caressed her breasts. “This time will be better baby.” He crooned in her ear as he fucked her.

“Oh Dr. Morgan,” Alisha moaned pressing back against him.

He nibbled at her neck as he kept his strokes, long and slow. Pushing himself completely into her only to pull back then push back in for more. “Call me Jeffrey baby.” He moaned against her ear as she tightened her body around him.

Alisha rested her hands on the bed before her while she hung her head. She pushed her ass back against his thrusting cock, pulling him deeper into her body. She felt his fingers pulling gently at her nipples. “Oh Jeffrey,” She sighed enjoying his slow fucking. “Fuck me. It feels so good.”

Jeffrey moved closer to her. His legs were on the outside of hers while he pressed his body tightly against her back. “I’m gonna make you cum with my hard cock baby.” He growled as he lengthened his strokes. “Then I’m gonna make you cum again and again.”

Alisha groaned, closing her eyes at his words as she felt him move faster inside her. “Oh fuck…Yes…Fuck me…I’m gonna cum.” She squealed slamming her body tightly against his.

Jeffrey gripped her hips, holding her tightly as he hammered her pussy ferociously with his hard cock. “Fuck…Oh god, so fucking tight.” He groaned trying to hold onto his control even as her body threatened to milk him dry. “Cum for me baby, I don’t know how much longer I can hold on.”

She dug her nails into the paper protecting the bed even as she thrust back against him. “I’m cummminnnggg.” She screamed as her body convulsed.

“Fucccccccccccckkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!” He howled as he once again filled the condom.

Jeffrey collapsed against her as he finished cumming, pressing her upper body down against the bed. “Wow.” She moaned as she felt his weight above her.

Jeffrey chuckled; slowly he kissed the back of her neck as he pulled his limp dick from her body. “What can I say?” He said throwing the condom in the trash.

She turned slowly to look at him. “Tell me you will continue to be my doctor.”

He laughed. “If that’s what you want baby.”

When Alisha left the office 15 minutes later after Jeffrey had fucked her again, making her scream when she came. She not only had a prescription for birth control pills, but his phone number which she planned to call that night as soon as she got home.

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